What is Rubella

Rubella is well-known infectious disease also recognized as German measles. This syndrome is caused due to the rubella virus. The virus of this disease spreads in air and affects other people, especially in condition of infected people’s cough or sneezing.  It can spread through urine and skin reaction. The general signs of rubella are pink rashes and high temperature.

This virus can affect people of all age group, though children of young age are most affected with this infection. Sources say if the pregnant woman gets such infection, then it can become serious risk for the birth of baby whereas in condition of 20 weeks pregnancy affected women the child might get birth with rubella syndrome. New baby might get several other diseases as well because of rubella infection. Some women may get failed to give birth to new baby because of this disease.

Rubella is the Latin word which means little red. However, the disease was explained by German doctors so experts also recognize this disease as German measles.

Symptoms of rubella: The general incubation period of rubella is between 14 to 21 days. Those people who are frequently affected with flu type of symptoms might have the rubella infection. If they are getting pink or light red rashes on the skin or face, then they should consult the doctors on priority. These symptoms can spread to chest or other parts of the body. 

In case of rashes spread to other parts of body, it gets faded from the face. In 3 days the spots or rash go away without mark or peel of the skin, but it leaves small flakes on the location of rash. Patients may get the itching problem on the surface affected with the rash. The fever and swallowing problem can also be happened to the patient if the medication is not started on time. Some other effects like conjunctivitis, headache and several joint pains can arise to the patient.

Causes of rubella: this disease or infection can cause by a transferable virus which spreads from patient to others by droplets in the air. If such person coughs or sneeze, the virus will fly in air and affect the nearby person. As the number of people comes in virus area, they will easily get affected with rubella.

Diagnosis/Analysis of rubella: The NHS (National Health Service) has suggested the people to call the doctor at home for rubella affected patients because visiting of a patient in the clinic might affect other patients in the clinic. Pregnant females should keep distance from rubella patients as that is very important for their baby. 

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