What is Saline Solution

Saline solution is prepared by mixing salt in germ-free water. It is the mixture of sodium chloride in sterile water, to define saline solution in chemical terms. The most common concentration to prepare this solution is adding 0.9% of sodium chloride with sterile water. There are other concentrations as well, which are used for varied purposes.

Most Common Usage

When a patient suffers from dehydration and becomes unable to take nutrients and liquids by mouth, then doctors advise this concentration. This is known as intravenous (IV) mixture and advised through an IV drip to the patients suffering from severe dehydration.

Saline Solution as IV Infusion

When saline solution is given to a patient as an IV infusion, then it is generally combined with glucose for lowering the chances of complications. This solution also works to bring down the sodium count that is flowing through the stream of blood. This solution provides tremendous benefits to the patients who are hospitalized because of excessive loss of water and essential nutrient from the body. Such condition generally happens because of severe diarrhea or vomiting and the patients become unable to drink or eat.

Saline Solution for Contact Lenses One of the important usages of saline solution is for the contact lenses. Contacts tend to develop debris or calcium deposits, which can be cleaned by using sterile saline solution. It is also important to apply this solution before the lenses are to be placed in cases. The reason behind using this solution is to imitate natural tears, which is essential to keep the contacts in good condition and also to help people who have sensitive eyes. Particularly, for the soft contacts, saline solution is very important.

Saline Solution for Chemotherapy People who have been prescribed with the infusions of chemotherapy, they need saline solution for flushing out ports. Port is used for administering the treatment of chemotherapy and for that, it is inserted under the skin. The liquid helps in cleaning the port after every infusion.

Saline Solution for Nasal Irrigation Saline solution also works effectively for nasal irrigation. The solution is very effective for rinsing cavity in the nasal area and also ensures good health of the same. If nasal irrigation is taken regularly, then it helps in clearing mucus and brings down the congestion. It is very effective for the patients who are suffering from the problem of chronic sinus. The solution helps in clearing dander and pollen and also lowers down post nasal-drip that causes throat irritation.

Preparing nasal solution of saline at home is easy. First, you need to purify water by boiling and then pout it in a cup. Now add half-teaspoon salt that is non-iodized to the purified water and allow it to attain normal room temperature. If you are not sure about nasal rinsing process in a safe manner then you should consult an expert.

These are some of the common usages of saline solution. Now, you should know why it is regarded as one of the most essential aspects by the doctors and the health enthusiasts. 

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