What is Sarcoidosis

Human tissue is prone to many disease and Sarcoidosis is one such disease. Inflammation, irritation  and swelling of tissues are common but its specification makes it fatal or nonfatal. For an instance, inflammation in any heart tissue can result in blockage whereas the same in muscles results in just minor pain. Sarcoidosis is also a serious disease which affects the lungs and lymph nodes. If the condition of Sarcoidosis gets worse than it can lead to serious respiratory problem. Normal Sarcoidosis can happen to anyone and it is chronic in nature, it  usually appears and disappears.

Cause of Sarcoidosis

No chief cause is known and in the past Sarcoidosis was known as common chronic fever. This disease can happen to anyone regardless of the age, sex, and local environment. It is chronic in nature and can appear suddenly or can gradually built as well.

Symptoms of  Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis can affect any body tissue both generally it affects the lungs and the lymph nodes. Hence, its symptoms are commonly related to respiratory problems, most commonly, shortening of breath. Severe coughing another sign of Sarcoidosis and sudden increase is coughing is due to Sarcoidosis. These are common signs of Sarcoidosis but if this disease hits you suddenly then you will have skin rashes. Skin rashes and red bumps in the form of erythema nodosum is another symptom of sudden Sarcoidosis. These red bumps are recognizable on the  cheeks, arms, and legs. Sudden irritation in eyes is another symptom.

Nevertheless, abrupt feeling of illness or fever, weakness, fatigue, and weight loss are some general symptoms of Sarcoidosis. These are the symptoms of gradual Sarcoidosis which rests in the body for a long time.

Some facts about Sarcoidosis

According to human psychology, if the disease name is long and sound terrifying then it is considered deadly and Sarcoidosis is viewed in the same light. Only the doctors and patients are aware of its facts and Sarcoidosis is unknown to almost everyone. It is not at all contagious which means it is not infectious. Although it stays for a long time, around 2 to 4 years. It doesn’t causes severe loss of strength but can irritate a person. With time its disappear on its own. Patients can go about their normal lifestyle but have to take care of certain aspects of these disease. Sarcoidosis is not genetic and there is no evidence to support it. Chain smokers can find Sarcoidosis common.

If care and treatment is overlooked then Sarcoidosis can permanently damage lungs and respiratory system’s efficiently will be cut short to 80% to 90%. Many patients have reported of resurgence of Sarcoidosis which shows its chronic affect can last for a long time.

Sarcoidosis is a rare disease which can be defined as inflammation of tissues in the lungs, respiratory tract, and lymph nodes. It is usually chronic in nature, it is not contagious and genetic in nature. Coughing, fever, and shortness of breathing are common signs of Sarcoidosis.