What is SATA or Serial ATA

Faster responses to the requests are what are required from a machine. To make it possible new devices, infrastructure and the technologies are being into their development phase. Talking about the technological advancement it can be seen that the trends have been changed a lot. Now the users hate those traditional systems which took seconds even sometimes minutes to respond, and the higher efficiency technology though were available, but the problem was they were very costly and were confined to the people who could invest highly on them.

The most popular connectivity type that was being used during the earlier time was that of ATA expanded as Advanced Technology Attachment. The ATA is used as the interface which is used to connect the peripheral devices like CD/ROM, Floppy and Hard Disk Drives to the motherboard. The latest version of the ATA which is known as ATA/133 offers a n advanced data rate of up-to 133 Mb. It supports a master slave relation which offers two storage devices per connector. Different number of pin ports are used to connect to the different devices like 40 pin is used to connect to ATA to motherboard and 34 pin is used to connect to Floppy drive.

Still after all these advancement the industry people were not satisfied with the performance so they continued work and came with a more advance solution which is known as SATA i.e. Serial ATA(Advanced Technology Attachment). SATA in turn improved the speed of transmission and offered a rate of 150Mb per second and offered a maximum data rate of up-to 500Mb per second, and it also improved the distance up-to which the data could be carried over the wires and offered a maximum distance of 1 meter. SATA offered this speed by connecting devices to the motherboard though a point to point link and offered a dedicated path for the transmission. The communication is made by making use of LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling), according to this technique the data could be transmitted over the low cost twisted pair using a least power of just 250 mV. SATA has also solved the problem of designing 30 to pin connecter and instead uses only a 7 pin connector out of which only 4 pins are used for signaling as which in case of ATA were 26. The one of most advance feature of SATA is it is hot pluggable, means that new SATA can be added or old one can be removed without actually turning of the system.

So all these advanced features made SATA one of the most advanced connectivity technology available in market.

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