What is Scabies

Scabies is a skin infection that is generally known to be very irritating hence causing the person infected to feel very scratchy locally most people only refer o the condition as the seven year itch. Scabies is one of the highly infectious conditions that occur among human beings though it has been proved that it can also affect animals. Scabies is caused by a tiny mite that is often not visible and parasitic known as sarcastic scabies which burrows under the skin of the host leading to very intense allergic reaction.

Usually the infection in animals is caused by a different variety of the mite which is also related to the mite that causes the same condition in human beings. Though the condition has been known to be transmitted by objects usually it’s transmitted through contact with affected subjects. Once the mite has been passed along it requires about six weeks before the signs can begin to show. However in the case of re-infection the symptoms may show up in as little as twenty four hours as the reaction is often allergic. Some varieties of scabies are often associated with people who are immune-suppressed such as crusted scabies which is quite rare but very severe.

Scabies can be treated using permethrin cream which is one of the most effective cures of this condition but it’s also more expensive unlike other types of treatments. Other approaches of treatment include Crotamiton and iyenectin which may not be as effective but they provide soothing effect to the person. Most of the time one major sign that a person is affected by scabies is severe itching and burrows. These burrows often will show up in a linear fashion which forms a neat line with mosquito-like bites. The itching can be made worse by warmth and most of the subjects often complain that it gets worse at night because there is little distraction than during the day. The burrows can appear on wrists, buttocks and hands among other areas. Trails of the mites can often be noticed on skin folds such as finger webs and toes, under the breasts in women and in the genital area. The gestation period from the time of infection may range from 3 to 6 weeks especially in people who have never been exposed to the infection again their lives. For people who have been previously exposed to the mite the symptoms usually show up in less time once they are infected.

Treatment of the condition has to involve entire households in order to preempt the possibility of re-infection to other individuals in the household. Permethrin is one of the most commonly known substances in management of the condition and is hailed as the drug of choice in dealing with scabies. Once applied often at bedtime it’s supposed to be left on to take effect for about 8 to 14 hours and the subject is supposed to shower in the morning. A single application may be all that is required to deal with a milder infection though a more persistent infection may require a heavier consistent dosage.

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