What Is Sclerodactyly

A condition in the human body where the skin around the hands and the fingers gradually hardens and it becomes rigid. This skin condition that occurs in the human body is called Sclerodactyly. The cause of this skin condition is due to a rare disorder called Scleroderma. This disorder called Scleroderma causes the tightening of the internal organs, skin and the connective tissues in the body. This disorder can be classified in to two types namely the systemic scleroderma and the localized scleroderma. The systemic Scleroderma affects the connective tissues and the internal organs in the body. Whereas localized scleroderma affects the skin. This affect of scleroderma to the skin results in sclerodactyly.

Collagen in the body is considered to be the main reason for the development of Sclerodactyly in the body. Collagen basically is a naturally produced protein in the body which comprise of connective tissues and the skin. It is normally rigid in nature. When, the collagen levels in the body increase due to various reasons, it causes Sclerodactyly. Once the collagen levels increase, the skin gets rigid and inflexible. It is commonly noticed in the hands, as the movement of hands become difficult after the increase in collagen levels.

The first and the foremost symptom that can be noticed when the human body has increased level of collagen is the swelling in the fingers. The swelling does not subside even after many days. As the condition of disorder progress, the skin around the hands and fingers swell leading to a shiny appearance of the skin after swelling. This might cause some problems in terms of movement of hands and fingers due to swelling.

There is no specific treatment that is designed to stop this natural phenomenon of excess release of collagen in the body. Those who are affected by the excel release of collagen undergo physical therapy to attune their body to the disorder. As the swelling in the hand persists, it is recommended to wear hand molds if one feels self conscious. Increase of collagens steadily in the body might have severe disorders. One of the major issues could be the blockage of blood to the hands and fingers to heavy swelling. The blockage of blood to hands causes a tissue damage which further leads to the decaying of the tissue leading to gangrene. Once the hand or a finger is affected by Gangrene, the hand or the finger could be amputated.

Hence, Sclerodactyly is a dangerous disorder and if not taken care with the right treatments could have fatal effects. It is recommended to take the occupational therapy as a preventive measure to this disorder.