What Is Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is something about your own self.  Whenever you define yourself with your emotion, pride, triumph, despair shame, it self-esteem that that makes you to feel in a certain way. For instance, when you say ‘I am beautiful’, you are defining and describing yourself by putting worthiness on it.  Therefore, one may define self- esteem as self-worth, self-regard, self-respect, and self-integrity.  The self-esteem is ratio that helps you to analyze the achievements, lead by you.  However, self-esteem can be positive as well as negative. Self-esteem is a midway of self-effacement and self- ego.  If you become too much about your prestige and develop the a kind of superiority complex then it may lead to negative effects, while if you start disrespecting and cursing yourself behind every cause it can again cause serious side-effects.

The best of maintaining the healthy self-esteem is to enjoy the present and feel the power of now.  Suppose if you are unable to achieve, what you have determined yourself, forgive yourself.  Celebrate the power that you have hold inside in yourself.  During the failure, one needs to review the achievements that have been acquired, rather than thinking about the setbacks.  This keeps thriving with the positive energy.  Alternatively, we are so much conscious about the negative feedback that we enjoy our weakness, and not strengths. Therefore, one needs to change the attitude to putting oneself down unnecessarily, and judge against the unreasonable standards

Ways of boosting your positive self-esteem.

  1. Competence:
    The way to enhance your self-esteem is that feel confident, your goals.  You have to trust your skill and resourcefulness, and think that you can achieve more than anybody else can do. The secret behind enhancing the competence level is that just try to list down the positive things that have done.  You practice it, once a week and see the results.
  2. Self –acceptance:
    Self-acceptance is a way of loving yourself. Do not blame yourself for your failures and mistakes,  instead you will have to say that this is a way I’m. Celebrate yourself among your friends confidently and talk the best thing about yourself.
  3. Take the criticism positively:
    Entertaining the criticism is a best way improving oneself. Just do not over react to harsh and negative criticism.  Try to learn more from such feedbacks. Therefore, to get angry with such remarks, will not help you out. You thank people who are making negative remarks and work on your weak points.
  4. Talking to self:
    Talking to one own self is the best ways of maintaining the positive self-esteem.  However, the talk should be in the positive manner. For instance never say that it is me who has messed up everything or that sort of negative idea. The pigmentation of thought needs to be positive, such as you can boost the positive energy by saying that “yes I can do it, and I’m going to achieve it”.