What is Sex Addiction

A person, who can’t stay much time without smoking is called as smoking addicted. A smoking addict needs to smoke cigarette almost every time. He or she never stays away from smoking also. It is not that he or she doesn’t know the harmfulness of smoking but despite of knowing that he or she couldn’t stay away from smoking. He or she can’t refrain himself or herself from smoking, no matter how hard he or she tries to do that.

In case of sex addiction, a person experiences excessive sexual desire. Sex desire is present in case of each and every person, who has a properly functioning endocrine system. But the sexual desire in case of the sex addicts is far different from a healthy person. Normally, sex once in a day is enough for a normal person. In fact, a person experiences a decrease in sexual desire as the age progresses. Most of the mature couples indulge in copulation, once or twice in a week.

On the other hand, a sex addict always in a mood, as far as sex is concerned. Though, it is not possible for a person to make sex all the time in a day, but they try to do the same. They feel the urge for sex immediately after having sex, which is not at all normal. They love to do all those things, which are closely related to sex.

They love to stare at girls. At the time of watching girls, they look with different eyes, than the normal. Their looks are always inviting. They even don’t spare their kith and kins. They love watching couple making sex.  They are ready to go beyond boundaries to watch couple having sex. Not only they love humans making sex; they also love watching animals making sex. They keenly observe, when they find any animals having sex in front of them. At the same time, they also love to watch sexual content. They never miss the TV programs, movies and porn clips, which have sexually exploited contents.

Signs of Sexual Addiction

  • A sex addict always feels a desire for sex, even after having sex.
  • He or she feels restless, more often than not.
  • He or she goes ahead to make sex with animals.
  • He or she always thinks about sex and sex related materials.


  • Though, there is no particular cure available for a sex addict but it is curable.
  • If any person suffering this kind of disease, then he or she should go ahead to consult an experienced physician, as soon as possible. In most of the cases, the patient avoids to confront the doctor because of the shyness, but it could lead to serious problem in future.
  • A physiatrist can bring back a sex addict to the normalcy without asking him or her to take any medicine.  
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