What is Shampoo

Shampoos are chemically formulated products used for personal cleaning, pet use and carpets cleaning. The prime component in cleaning agents is surfactants that contain special ability to rinse away oils on the surface area. Most common use term of Shampoo is used for the hair cleansers, a step towards personal care.

There come various kinds of shampoos for various kinds of hair problems for example there are shampoos for dry hair, oily hair, itchy scalp, rough hair and so on and so forth, depending on the condition of your hair. In some cases, it comes dissolved in liquid. That solution is messaged into the wet hair to create lather and then rinse it off, to clean hair completely and get rid of oil and dirt. Generally speaking shampoo is a hair care product used to get rid of dandruff, other contaminant particles, environmental pollutants, dirt, and oil from the scalp.

There is huge variety of shampoos available in the market but the product and quality that best suited your hair is the best one. The very first purpose of shampoo is to clean hair, make sure this is done completely by this cleaning agent. Other factors that most people look for is how fragrant the shampoo is so that can leave your hair smell good. That is the reason of popularity of many scented shampoos today. Moreover, look for shampoo that make hair shinier and causes no irritation to the scalp, toxicity, if shampoo has been tested on the animals first and last but not the least if the organic ingredients have been used in it. Some of baby shampoos are in use specifically formulated to take care of the soft skin or baby’s scalp. Shampoos should frequently be followed by the conditioner to keep hair manageable but many modern shampoos includes conditioners in itself to keep your hair easy to manage and shiny to the core.

Shampoos are diverted into many categories which have different effects on hair and effects go beyond just cleaning of hair. There are many shampoos in the market for lice killing and claim to get rid of life infestations; anti-dandruff shampoos, these contain fungicides and helps reducing the white layer on the skin that quite often comes off the skin while itching. Baby shampoos specially formulated for keeping in view the needs and softness of baby’s skin, straightening shampoos to reduce curly hair, thickening shampoo to get full hair again, shampoos that can be used without conditioner as they contains conditioner in itself to make hair more manageable and shampoos that can be used without water.

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