What is Shingles

Shingles is kind of rash that and it is caused by the same virus that gives birth to chicken pox, and it is observed in them who didn’t take the vaccine. The name of the virus that cause shingles is Varicella Zoster and one who is exposed to this virus for any reason become victim of Shingles easily. It is often seen that a person who has been a victim of chicken pox once gets vulnerable to shingles easily if the virus remains in their body for a long run. The virus primarily affects the nerves and skin of your body and if you don’t go for a treatment from the beginning it may spread in other areas as well.

Signs and symptoms:

The primary symptoms of the disease are also observed in case of many other diseases as well. However, it is suggested to go for proper diagnosis from primary stage to be sure why the symptoms are being noticed.

  • High fever, malaise and headache are some of the common symptoms of shingles. If you ignore them as something very normal you may be a victim of shingles later
  • With time, a victim will experience numbness, pain, itching, sensation and oversensitivity (especially on the skin area) which are surely the symptoms of shingles.
  • The pain that one will experience is numbing, pricking and throb kind of pain.
  • The rash doesn’t cause pain in children but in case of adults, it will be painful.
  • Shingles rashes generally occur on eyes , facial skin and also on other parts of the body.

Secondary sum toms:

When the virus starts spreading rapidly a victim is supposed to observe these symptoms within their body.

  • The rashes, which were normal at the first stage, will look like vesicular and start forming blister in advance stage.
  • Soon the rashes will get filled with serious exudates that will cause malaise and high fever.
  • The vesicles that cause pain become cloudy and after a certain period, they get filled with blood and crust start forming.
  • In the later stage you can be victim of eye infections that can be either uveities , conjuctivities or keratitis as well.

Home remedies:

In order to get rid of the viral infection as soon as possible, it is imperative to consult expert and experienced physicians to undergo proper treatment method. However, one can follow a few homely tips and remedies, along with taking medicines to lessen the burning sensation and to keep the itching in control. The affected person can place ice packs or any other cools packs around the affected area to get rid of burning. He or she can also try with this homely formula as well. One can use two cups of water to blend with half cup of cider vinegar to apply it over the affecter area, using soft cloth or cotton. Other natural elements like aloe Vera, raw honey can also be used if the doctor suggest.

Shingles can be cured easily if you take care and maintain a few things from the beginning.