What Is Short-Term Memory

Short term memory is a term used to denote the working memory of a person which is present all the time and records data throughout but has a very small life.The human brain, no doubt is the most intelligent component in the planet which can use its potential to discover amazing facts and bring about a radical change in our daily life. The secret behind its extra ordinary functioning is its ability to store information at random which it comes across in daily basis and then later on remembering the same throughout. Short term memory can be regarded as the active memory which is always alert for the information which the brain receives. But however, the same have a very small period life cycle as they hardly last in the brain for about 20 seconds.

Thought the short term memory lasts for a very small period of time, nevertheless the importance of the same cannot be ignored as the same can be fruitful for people who have the ability to retain the same information. It might sound a little exceptional but in common it is possible where the short term memory can be preserved for a longer period of time. The key to success behind the same is the process of chunking, which is a measure to remember large information by way of breaking them into parts and then interconnecting the same. For an instance, if we say a certain bank account number which is of 7 numbers, most of the people who remember it for a maximum of 2 to 3 seconds.  But where the process of chunking is involved by the person, there are 99% chances that the person would say them in the correct order.

The process of chunking, as said earlier, breakdowns the information into smaller groups, in the present case where there are 7 numbers in a row, the process would break it into a sequence of remembering the first 3 and then the last four, by this way, the interconnection of number would be the third which would act as the last number for the first set and the first number for the second set.  Added to it, many people have their own distinctive way of learning the numbers by way of other modes too as the technique may differ from person to person.

One of the most talked about topic is the connection of short term memory with the long term memory and the truth is that people who have a good short term memory also possess a good long term memory.