What is SIDS

SIDS is the abbreviation of the syndrome known as sudden infant death syndrome. There is a sudden and unexpected death of an infant in this syndrome. The infant in this case is less than one year. The death can be called as the SIDS then it should have no explanation of the death after all the medical tests like autopsy, examination of the infant body and other formal investigations. This can also be called SIDS when the medical health of the baby was good.

The case can be suspected as the SIDS when the healthy infant of an age less than 6 months is dead during sleep. In most of the cases, the infant does not undergo any form of distress. There is proper feeding of the infant before sleeping and there are no proper reasons for the infant’s death after inspecting the scene and the medical history of the child. The risk of the SIDS is very prominent in the second, third and the fourth months of the infant’s life. However, it declines in the five month and later on. Most of the SIDS tragedies happen in infants who are less than six months old.

The causes for the SIDS risk are still an unknown phenomenon. Though there is a significant in the occurrence of SIDS, it is known to be one of the leading causes of infant deaths. It is suspected that the causes for the SIDS is the resulting phenomenon of various factors interacted with each other. These factors are discusses below.

  • When the nerve cells in the body are not developed, it causes SIDS, as these cells are very crucial for the apt functioning of the heart and the lungs. Studies have shown that the babies died in SIDS have had development issues in the nerve cells.
  • It is also believed that some of the brain parts, which help the infant in the arousal of sleep, are not developed. This delay in development works negatively and does not allow the infant to awake from sleep resulting in death.
  • Other reasons may be the excessive clothing of the infant, which causes heated temperature in the body of the infant. This leads to a high rate of metabolism and the loss of control in breathing. However, it is still to be known if the temperature is just a reflection or the sole cause of SIDS.

Thus, it can be concluded that the phenomenon of SIDS can neither be predicted nor be prevented in any case. This is also because of the abruptness in the presence and the symptomless effects of the same.