What is Silicon

Silicon is a very popular nonmetallic element found on earth. Silicon is considered to be the second largest and universal element, which goes beyond just by oxygen. Silicon and several compounds are basically used in huge diversity of the industrial application that includes the metal alloys, circuits, metal alloys, glass and even soap. Silicon is almost certainly well recognized as it is also use in the computer chips. The element is a crystalline element that occupies the 14th position in the periodic table. The element is thus very superior to most elements due to its wide applications. The element can be found in various industries to be a top priority since it makes up the metal alloys and also can make up many useful inventions such as soap. The element is thus very useful due to its primary uses and it being more suitable than oxygen. However the element is most notable for its computer chip use which is what qualifies the element as the most reputable one for computer building.

Further the element is found to be useful since it can allow compounds to be easily formed. The compounds which are derived from Silicon are large and can be very useful for many uses. The hard form of Silicon known as Silicon carbide is as hard as diamonds which can be very useful for wielding. There are few people who get confused in silicon and silicone, where silicon is the pure element, and silicone is the chemical compound.

Moreover, the element silicon is considered among the most useful elements found on earth because of its varied uses and applications.  First and foremost the element silicon is useful in forming the best industrial chemicals for a wide range of uses. The element can be combined with others or split to form other elements that would bring about good uses. The average industrial use of this element would be for cutting or splitting substances since the compound known as Silica Carbide is very rough and good for this purpose.

Additionally the element can be put to many uses sealing the base of many containers and caulks. This is significant in keeping oil and liquids within the container.

Therefore, it can be seen that the element silicon has many advantages and wide uses for the average industry. It can be used in soap or can be used for medical implants and synthetic materials. Further it can be useful in various non stick baking supplies, sealers and can be used to insulate electrical components. Moreover, it can be seen that this compound is among the most heavily produced compounds in the United States and China. This is why many industries find this compound to be useful for various things.

Hence, it can be concluded that Silicon, which is one of kind of the chemical constituent that is regarded as the most familiar and frequent substance all around in the universe. This important element, silicon has several critical and fundamental uses just like which is usually found in the circuits, in the alloys of metal and many more.