What is Ski Mountaineering

Some people think that ski mountaineering and ski touring are one and same.  But there exists the difference.  They both have one common thing in which they take you to remote untouched powder and needs the knowledge of mountaineering.  In mountaineering, situations happen to climb higher levels.  Ski touring also requires the skills of climbing but not to a greater extent.  Both need adventurous skills and surviving capability even at mountainous terrain.

Ski mountaineering includes all the landscapes including ice, rock, glaciers and many more sections.  On any surface ski mountaineers need to do traction and ski mountaineering.  At sometimes they may go to inaccessible and reach to dangerous points on foot.  They shall have to carry harnesses, axes and ropes to reach heights at some mountains.  Most of the mountaineers would use skis for mountaineering a route.  Climbing rocky ridge to the summit is the main motto of mountaineering.  Technical difficulty is the only difference between touring and mountaineering.  

Specially designed and adapted skis are the equipment used for ski mountaineering.  Depending on the difficulty of the mountain, ice axes and crampons are used.  People with good skills on mountaineering mostly do not need ice axes, glacier traverses etc., though they feel that they can fall, they can however emerge and manage through their good mountaineering skills.

Actually ski mountaineering does not require expertise.  People who have strong wish to go on so can start mountaineering immediately.  For ski touring also, expertise in skiing is not necessary.  Passion and your internal desire are the only things which you need to do.  Your fitness shall also be examined.  Some alpinism and skills are required to some extent for ski mountaineering.  Safety is very important as this is a dangerous sport activity.  Real risk and dangerous mountains may let you die even.  Due to negligence and ill health also some hazardous things may happen.  It is real to say that many people even lost their lives though there is no fault of them.  

There is a way to enjoy the ski mountaineering and to escape from the dangers.  You can take guide all through your way.  Then you can enjoy the sport and get out of the dangers coming ahead.  It is the fact that people die every year in the mountains.  But not purely by negligence and the fate lets them so.  Advanced safety training shall also be taken to exempt from hazards.    Generally to say, ski mountaineering skis are lighter than downhill skis.  Downhill skis are with ski touring bindings, which gives you free and fixed heel with detachable skins so that it sticks to the bottom of the ski while climbing up the hill.

Thus ski mountaineering is unlike other sport activities needs safety and training before the trials.  There are many institutions, which provide the training and skills related to mountaineering.  Winter skills are different and thus they too are learnt for winter ski mountaineering.



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