What Is so Special about Italian Leather

What is leather? Leather is nothing but hide of an animal that is treated using certain procedures. Before we address the question of what is special about Italian leather we need to understand what leather and tanning is. The process of treating leather is called tanning. Word tanning comes from the procedure of using a chemical called tannin. Skin of hide of the animal would decompose if not treated. There are various ways to treat animal hide like using ash, using lime water, scraping and drying. The steps involve curing, soaking, liming then un-hairing, de-liming ad pickling. With modern advancements the procedures too have become more varied and more advanced. The process of tanning has been undertaken by various civilizations across the world for millenniums. There may be some variations from one place to the other.

Now we come to the real question as to what makes Italian leather so special. It has been considered special and superior to the leather available at other places across the globe. Now leather comes from treating animal hide, then why the difference? First step in getting good end product is using good raw material. As such the animals that are used for getting the hide for the end leather are well kept and they have a good coat over them.

Then comes the second part, which is treatment of the hides to make the end product. Even here a special care is given to selection of the hide. Before the treatment is started the hides are manually sorted and checked for imperfections. Any imperfection to the hide may lead to its rejection. Best hides are selected and used for further processing. Part three is the quality of the material used to process the hide. Here, again the best quality chemicals and materials are used to treat the hides. There is a strict quality control process put in place with quality checks being done at almost every step of the processing. This ensures rejection of any imperfections and selection of only the best product at every stage. This leads to higher expenses in terms of time and raw materials but it ensures the highest quality of leather, which further ensures that the end product lasts longer than any other leather product. The high quality of leather has made it preferred choice of leather products manufacturers across Europe, which is the fashion capital of world. This has helped in increased prices of Italian Leather.

These are the primary reasons that have made Italian leather so special and so expensive .