What is Social Justice

Equality and the solidarity are the prime objectives of social justice. Idea of developing a society that would respect and value the above mentioned two aspects in order to safeguard the human rights for all is the basic social justice ideology. How many countries are positively able to implement it in their communities of various kinds, is a challenging question though.

Social justice by different religious groups such as the green party, the liberation theologies, and so on is quite popular, if you refer to the historical records of the past. The social justice in health care was quite impressive out of them. The social justice as well as the human rights education policies of the past in the Europe is still followed by so many nations around.

Social justice is meant to prevent the fundamental rights of the common man. Foremost aspect of social justice is all are equal in the eyes of law. Inequalities in the communities, racial discrimination in the form of sex, race, caste, creed, wealth and other aspects should not be tolerated at any level. Equal opportunity is to be given to each and every other person irrespective of the race or classes. Equal rights for women are part and parcel of the claims.

Women were being deprived from a lot of fundamental rights just because of the simple fact that they belong to the weaker sex. It was the domination of men that suppressed the women’s to be empowered to occupy premium positions in the society, for quite a long time earlier. It still happens even as of today is some of the communities in remote parts of the world. Even developed nations do have communities in the villages and hamlets where women do not enjoy enough privilege as that of the men. They are meant to be doing the household work and to take care of the children, while the masculine gender enjoyed all the other privileges just because of being an earning member in a family.

Social justice has given equal rights to women in most developed countries. It is why we could see great leaders and queens that occupy the throne of developed nations in the recent past. There are women in astronomy, politics, and most other challenging dominions as well in the present day scenario. Likewise, inequalities in any form should be eradicated and equal rights have to be awarded to every other human being that exists in this planet and it is the prime objective of the social justice laws.

Corruption and bribery in the creamy layers of the societies in different parts of the world, on the other hand, are not allowing the laws of social justice to be implemented effectively to benefit the poor and the needy in the society. They deliberately do this as they have the cue in their hand. These wealthy communities which have the power, authority and control always want the inequality to exist in the society, so that they can always be in the controlling and commanding position and there will be classes of people to work for them.