What is Sonography

Sonography is a modern day process to gain proper knowledge about the developments in the body with the aid of ultrasound.

The world of medical science is developing at a decent pace as a result of which various examinations can now be carried out without piercing the body or makes it go through any other kind of disturbances. One of the most exclusive developments in such form is the Sonography which studies the behavior within the body with the help of ultrasonic sounds. Sometimes the same phenomenon is also known as ultrasound imaging.

The process is carried out by way of introducing elevated versions of sound waves to the body which in reflection provides images of the body which includes pictures relating to organs and circulation of blood. Surprisingly the image obtained from the process of Sonography is known as Sonogram, which can either be viewed in four dimensional forms or 3 dimensional forms.

At the time when the process of Sonography is being conducted there may be various stipulations provided by the doctor as to the time of having the last meal, food to be consumed before the test, etc, which may vary upon the conditions of different patients. At the time of Sonography, the doctor may apply a warming gel on the top of the area which is to be accessed while Sonography for the purpose of avoiding any type of air influence at the time of operation. It should be ensured that gel is only applied where a transducer is to be used. The same process will not cause any damage to the skin or any of the internal organs along with pain as the process is conducted by way of sound waves.

The science behind Sonography has mainly been acquired form nature and its living elements. Many creatures such as dolphins, etc, make use of sound waves which helps them to access the path ahead. The logic behind such conduction is replicated when the sound waves hits a specific object in there bath and revert back to the producer which provides them knowledge about the shape of the object. Bats also use the same technology of sound wave radiation at the time of night to search their prey.

Today, implementation of Sonography has become very common as doctors find it a very convenient way to obtain an access to a patient’s body without providing it with any cuts. The same process can be useful to obtain an inner view of pancreas, heart, kidney, etc. Sonography is also helpful in providing an overview of the development of the unborn in a mother’s womb.