What is Spam

Spam mailing can be defined as sending unwanted emails to the people who had asked for any information from the sender. The purpose of these unwanted emails is not fixed. It may be a commercial email or an email only for the purpose of harassing the receiver which may result in crashing the receiver’s computer. Such emails are usually sent in bulk through a computerized technique to millions of Internet users around the world. Spam mails are normally related to some schemes to offer services and products regarding certain medicines, schemes to get rich or similar unwanted items. This may include filling the contact or feedback form with information advertising about the products.

Spam can be problematic for the receiver in many ways as it can crash the computer system, it can fill up your email account excessively, you may face trouble for deleting the spam, and the spam may cause financial loss in some cases. Generally the spammers send fake emails on behalf of certain banking institutions or some lottery organizations informing you about some promotional schemes or winning a huge prize of lottery and ask you to submit your personal information to get an access to the schemes told in the email. In this way spammers become successful in taking out your personal as well as bank account information, which are normally used by them to make large financial harms to you.

The overloaded inbox due to spam can cause financial loss as well as time loss to you as you will be deprived of receiving important emails which may be of much financial importance for you or the time taken in deleting these spam mails will cause a loss of time to you and it will deprive you from doing your usual work. Moreover, sometimes these spam emails are accompanied with certain viruses which damage to the data and information of the computer system which may again be a cause of financial loss as well as the loss of data stored in the system.

These spam emails can be filtered by using several software techniques like spam filtering software or anti spam software that can help to avoid the reception of spam emails and save the computer from facing the havocs created by these spam emails. You can search for anti-spam software available online for free for your personal computer and the safety of your email account but if you are searching such software for a business enterprise then you can search online for the companies which have specially designed software for businesses for filtering their spam emails.

Spam emails are very much harmful for both, you and your computer system as they not only block your mail box for other important emails but also harm you by wasting your time and money as they can cause your system infected by viruses accompanied with these superfluous emails. For spammers is a best way to advertise their products for free without incurring and extra or operational cost.