What is Spandex

Spandex also called Lycra is a synthetic fibre which has its base from plastic and is famous for its property of elasticity. It has the ability to expand upto 600%. It is made up from the long chain of polymer called polyurethane plastic which can be used in making the bathing suits, cycling shorts, socks top, lingerie straps, surgical garments, cushions and mattresses. This polymer is converted into a fiber using a dry spinning technique or via wet spinning technique. It is lightweight , abrasion-resistant, easily dyed ,comfortable ,soft and smooth. It can be easily cared since can be washed in a machine in cool to lukewarm water and can be dried at very low temperature. When applying iron to it should be set on very low heating. The development of the spandex is created by the scientist during the World War II when the price of rubber was unstable and then the nylon was produced but the goal is to produce more stretchable product thus spandex was produced in 1950 for the replacement of rubber and manufactured in 1962.

Spandex a synthetic polymer chemically made up from long chain of polyglycol combined with a diisocyanate combined with 85 % polyurethane. The macro glycol can be polyester, polyether, polycarbonate,polycaprolactone. These fibres are superior to rubber because they are stronger , lighter and more versatile. The strands of polymer are composed of two segments: long, amorphous segments and short and rigid segments. The amorphous segments have a random molecular structure which are intermingled and thus make the fiber the soft. When the force is applied to fiber these molecules get straight since the bonds between the molecules are broken out and thus increases the length of the fiber.


Dimensional stability

Elastic recovery

Excellent resiliency.

Garments are flexible.


Spandex almost replaced garments which were made from rubber which were comparitively expensive and irritating to skin.

Spandex is mostly used in women garments so that clothing could adjust their shapes of body but can still breathe so that sweat and dirt can accumulate to skin.

It is mostly used in making the undergarments of both the men and women.


It can irritate sensitive skin since it contains harmful chemicals.

It can cause the allergy, resulting in rashes , redness, itching and hives.

MDI and TDI chemicals causes harm in spandex where MDI causes redness and rashes and TDI causes allergy.

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