What is Spearmint Oil

Spearmint oil is extracted from spearmint plant. It is a mint plant and its scientific name is “Mentha Spicata”. This plant has a therapeutic value and like mint it also has a very unique scent and flavor. Its medical value is that it is very favorable for our digestive system. In addition to this it relieves us from:-

Bronchitis, cough, asthma and sinus. It helps in headaches, migraines, fatigue, stress. It is good for our respiratory tract as it help in preventing asthma, catarrh. It heals the skin by reducing itching and it has a very calm effect on our mind.

Its aroma is similar to peppermint oil and its color is pale yellow to green. It is very apposite for children and basically for that person for which peppermint oil is very strong. When this oil is to be used with children then dosage should be reduced and high dilution should be there. Moreover, it is sweeter than peppermint oil. Its flavor is similar to peppermint oil so it is used in cooking also. This oil is also used in shampoos and toothpastes.

There are three ways to use spearmint:-

Burners and vaporizers: – vapor therapy is useful in curing vomiting, headaches, colic, migraines, and nervous conditions. Blended massage oil or in the bath: – blended massage oil or diluted can be used to cure all types of harm effects that are associated with stress, fatigue, skin itching. Spearmint oil blends with Basil, Eucalyptus, and Jasmine. Cream or lotion:- when this oil is used in the form of cream then it can cure itching, reduce acne, prevent pruritus.

If it is used regarding digestive problems then take one or two drops internally or dilute or rub it on the stomach. Place some drops on the tongue to create alertness.

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