What is Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a new branch of medicine that has gained popularity in the recent times. This field deals with the prevention and treatment of physical injuries that might be caused to a person when involved in a particular sport or game. At present, sports medicine is being studied in different universities all over the world as a subject of specialization. Athletes and sportsmen are the ones who benefit the most from the specialized practitioners in the field of sports medicine. However, in addition to their duty as the physicians within sports teams, practitioners of sports medicine also play an important role in promoting the importance of physical exercise and other physical activity among the people of the society.

A person can specialize in sports medicine upon completion of his primary course in medicine. Normally, people who have degree in orthopedics go for the field of sports medicine, as they have a good foundation in the subject. The primary task of a specialist in sports medicine is to ensure that a sportsman is kept away from injuries of any kind as he involves in the sport. This can be achieved by briefing the players about the various risks that might lead to them damaging their body during a game. Helping an injured sportsman to get fit and helping in fast recovery too is the job of one who specializes in sports medicine.

It would not be an exaggeration in terming that at present, sports medicine has become one of the most ‘in demand’ fields for people who want to build an interesting and lucrative career. Sports medicine along with sports psychology is gaining importance in all countries. The emphasis is on ensuring that the athletes and players are helped to perform their best in the field with minimum of injuries. There is no doubt about the fact that the increased efficiency and the raised bar in the world of sports currently, is due to the contribution from the physicians who deal with sports medicine.

An ideal sports medicine team consists of a team of experts who have a degree in sports medicine. Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Certified Athletic Therapist (CAT) and the team physician are the main members in the sports medicine team that assists a team of athletes and sportsmen.

The level of strain that a player can take and the kind of exercises he needs to refrain from as he recovers from injuries is decided by the sports medicine team. They also help in better coaching and serve as a liaison between the players in the team and coach who trains it.