What is Spyware

Certain Spywares have been enabled to collect many types of personal informations about the user of the system like his habits to surf on internet, the sites visited by the user etc. It hinders the working as it can install additional software on it, change he activities of web browser, change the settings of the computer system, slow down the speed of web browser on various sites as well as functioning of various programs on the computer. You must go through the classifications of the spyware, in order to understand the working of spyware.

Comparing spyware with other cyber problems

Certain advertisements displayed by the software, like Eudora mail client, without the consent of the user are known as AD-wares. These advertisement supported softwares may or may not mislead the user like spyware as they provide specific services to the user. But it can be used as spyware as it can be used to spy on users informations in a secret manner as pop-up advertisements.

Spyware are designed to usually use the infected computers for their own benefit but does not replicate itself like the viruses and worms found recently. A spyware can be used in the theft of personal informations, usual tactics including delivery of unwanted pop-up advertisements, routing of HTTP requests to advertising sites and monitoring of Web-browsing activity for marketing purposes. Viruses and worms can disturb the programming of the computer system that has to be reloaded with the programs to regularize the use of the system.

Symptoms to detect the existence of spyware or other viruses

  • The system is used by the spyware and other viruses like CPU cycles, internet connection and memory of the system.
  • Slow speed of computer can be caused from various factors as it can slow down due to use of several applications at a time or by the use of an application that needs extra resources but if it slows don abruptly then it can a spyware as its root cause.
  • Unnecessary emails received or sent from your computer, without your knowledge, indicate towards the presence of spyware or virus on your system. 
  • Programs running and closing without reason or mysteriously opening and closing CD drives or often accessing to hard drive by the computer, even if you are not doing so can be considered as being done through certain spyware.
  • Abrupt changes in the settings of the browser without any reason which may not be accepted by the browser are the clear cut case of infection of spyware.
  • Opening of new browser windows or pop up ads on your browser, though they can be actual advertisements from the site but can be caused by certain spyware.

 Thus, spyware is malicious software installed secretly on your computer without your knowledge that can disturb its functioning.