What Is Static Friction

The reason coefficient of static friction is important is because it’s a good measure of an object. This means an object that needs to stay constant should have no force applied to it and vice versa. Thus objects with high static friction should have a large amount of force applied to it in order to starts moving. The term static friction is one of the best ones that can be used in physics to describe various natural phenomenon’s such as how two objects react to each other. This can be thus a good way to explain how friction is used in various physical and motion experiments. Before understanding the experiment a good explanation of the term should be made. The term is meant to explain how two random objects react when they come in contact. This can mean how two random objects with differing coefficient can have different reaction to each other. The objects have different coefficient of friction and thus have different reaction to one another.

In addition other features help in determining the ability of the body to react to another one. The ability of a body to stay put is determined by external forces such as the electromagnetic radiation of a body. The static friction can thus be determined easily by external factors such as texture. The body that comes in contact with another body that is rough will stay constant. It does this because of the body having an external rough force being applied on it in order to stop it from moving. For instance a body that has force applied to it by a silk sheet would have different reaction than a body having a rough force being applied to it.

Understanding Static friction

Furthermore, to understand static friction a person needs to understand what other forces come into play to shape the friction of a body. This means kinetic energy can be delivered from and to a body in order to push into motion or keep it in a constant state. It is thus dependent on this fact and can also be determined by other factors such as texture of the body. The static friction can so be resolute simply by exterior factors like texture. The body that comes in contact with another body that is rough will stay constant this happens because of the body which is having an external rough force that is applied on the object so that the objects are stopped from moving and so the static friction comes in force.