What Is Stearyl Alcohol

Stearyl alcohol is fatty alcohol usually known as a non-harmful product to the skin. Stearyl alcohol is entirely different than other chemical alcohols. Today, there are countless products available in the local market labelled alcohol free which means such products are containing fatty alcohol, and they are not risky to health. The value of this alcohol can be evaluated alcohol is good product containing moisturizers, which help the skin to get, soften and smooth. Skin experts describe stearyl alcohol as the best skin product available in the market. Some more examples of fatty alcohol are cetearyl, cetyl, and lanolin alcohol, though each product is having own features, so they can be good to skin or can be bad as well.

In general terms, Stearyl alcohol is item made from stearic acid. The creation of such alcohol is known as catalytic hydrogenation. This fatty alcohol changes into white solid particles that didn’t get to dissolve in water. Many ointments are today created with support of this alcohol to supply the moisture and thickness to the skin. Several firms are using this alcoholic product as a hair coating item, especially for conditioners and shampoos.

Usually stearyl alcohol is copied from the coconut oil. In ample of skin care items, this alcohol functions as emollient and emulsifier. As emollient this alcohol offers the softness feature to the skin. It performs as a humectant in main skin-care items as they all contain the moisturizing properties. Humectant is responsible to allow the water to correlate with skin. With this described mixture, the skin will get shine and soft particularly in appearance. Stearyl alcohol aids the skin to be maintained with freshness for longer time. The Stearyl alcohol is typically available in cosmetic items like creams, conditioners, lubricants, and depilatories.

Whereas the emulsifier is a mixture used to support the skin with oil and liquid of the item. However, this item keeps the liquid and oil separate from the time.

Stearyl Alcohol is white in color, and its form is waxy solid with faint odor. This alcohol is present in maximum moisturizers, skin products, foundations, conditioners and cosmetic products. This long-chain fatty alcohol consists of n-octadecanol. Scientifically, fatty alcohol is proven as higher molecular non-volatile alcohol. Stearyl alcohol is formed from natural oil and fats by dropping the fatty acid.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has re-evaluated the safety feature of Stearyl Alcohol and permitted the use of such alcohol for multipurpose chemical additions. Stearyl alcohol is also been permitted for using it through indirect food preservatives. Not only FDA, there are many other groups that have approved the usage of Stearyl Alcohol as the safest product for cosmetic.