What Is Stem Cell Technology

Stem Cell technology is the latest technology that has been used by doctors to ensure that many ailments that were termed chronic in the past are provided with cure. It is to be noted that stem cells have the capacity to divide and renew themselves. In stem cell technology, healthy specialized cells that have certain features are artificially grown and developed. These stem cells are then artificially inserted into the body of an individual through certain methods. In the recent times, considerable amount of success has been achieved with the use of stem cell technology. The stem cells thus inserted, need to have the capacity to divide and self renew like the original cells that are present within every multicellular organism.

Stem cell technology finds application mainly in the treatment of cancer relating to the blood and the bones. The main method involved in this regard is the introduction of specialized stem cells into the body through bone marrow transplant. There have been instances of ailments such as leukemia being cured by the use of stem cell technology. It would be worth noting here that the present day stem cell technology makes use of the adult stem cells unlike the scenario before, wherein the embryonic stem cells were used. There were controversies of various kinds in this regard, as the use of embryonic stem cells for the use of stem cell technology required for an embryo to be destroyed in the process.

The stem cells that are used in stem cell technology, either need to be totipotent or pluripotent to make sure that cell division and renewal takes place in the right manner. Though it is true that significant development has been achieved with regard to stem cell technology, there are certain issues that are still under investigation by experts in the world of medicine. Some experts are of the opinion that introduction of stem cells into the peripheral blood stream is a better option as compared to transplant of bone marrow. The reason for this said to lie in the fact that in the former case, the hematopoietic reconsiustuoion is achieved at faster rates as compared to the latter.

The main applications of stem cell technology are seen in cure of diseases like leukemia, Parkinson’s disease and other forms of cancer. It is also used as an effective method of treating baldness in young people. Most of the anti ageing methods employed currently works on the principle of stem cell technology. All in all, though stem cell technology is in its infancy stage, there is no doubt about the fact that it has transformed the world of medicine greatly.