What Is Strategic Leadership

This refers to a manager’s ability towards strategic vision for an organization and to motivate other employees towards the same. It also refers to the use this strategy in the management of employees. It influences in t he execution of organizational changes and these kind of strategic leaders create organizational structure and allocate resources. Strategic leaders have to work in an environment which is very uncertain and that issues that are governed mostly by external factors.

The main objective of strategic leadership is productivity. Another important aim is that the employees forecast and develop their own environment according to the needs of the organization and their own jobs. There is also something called Functional strategic leadership, which deals all about innovations, awareness and planning ahead. Strategic leaders must have certain qualities which may be inherent traits or learned ones. A few qualities of a strategic leader are as follows:

  • Loyalty towards their vision towards the organization.
  • These leaders must be efficient and very effective in updating themselves about what’s happening in the company.
  • They have use their power very prudently. In the sense they must not compel their ideas upon others.
  • They have work for the organization beyond money and have a motivational interest towards their job.
  • Strategic leaders must understand their subordinates and respect their views before taking major decisions.
  • It is essential that these leaders must have patience before acting upon decisions.
  • They should master the authority of delegation, since it avoids over loading of duties and responsibilities.

Now let’s see what is Strategic leadership profile? This focuses on recognizing leadership qualities required for a new strategy. A new strategy indicates that an organization is getting into something new and it requires people who can look towards it. Identifying such kind of leader is very useful in the long running of a business. We call a leadership to be idyllic only when it highlights strategic leadership skills and features.

Usually a company does a gap analysis when strategic leadership profile is to be matched with the organization’s policies. After this an assessment is done between ten to fifteen employees who may be internal or external as selected by the management. The business also have to see that this strategic leadership profile is also cost effective and sticks to time guide lines. The company after selecting a reliable strategic leadership profile cannot leave it at that, it has to plan for a periodic re assessment of the strategic leaders selected so that they are moving in the right direction.