What Is Sulfate-Free Shampoo

A shampoo without SLS (sodium laurol sulfate) is called sulfate free shampoo. SLS is also known by other names like sodium dodecol sulfate. This chemical is used in commercial products which produced for hygiene and cleaning. SLS is a very useful product of removing all oily residues from anywhere. The chemicals used in making hygiene products are capable of causing irritation to the skin, removing oil from there. They also tend to create general dryness in the skin. SLS is not found to be cancer causing but it creates the some problems as the other chemicals on the skin.

Sulfate free shampoo is helpful to people whose skin is very sensitive and happens to be sulfate allergic. A shampoo without sulfate will make the scalp feel much gentler and further more you need not be worried about any allergic reaction. This assumes that none of the other ingredients of the shampoo will cause any allergic reactions. People in general feel that their hair becomes softer and also less dry by using sulfate free shampoo.

Users of sulfate free shampoo get a feeling that after using the shampoo they do not get the feeling of having got the hair cleaned. This is because of the lack of rich lather while using the sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate is a producer of very rich later and therefore shampoos which contain sulfate produce lather because of which people have associated shampoo with later. People using sulfate free shampoo will gradually get used to the lather less feature. They will be happy when their hair is not only clean but also very much softer with a silky feeling.

Organic substances are used as ingredients for making sulfate free shampoo. They are derived from plant life like sugar cane and also glycerin which is thick and colorless liquid derived from vegetables and animal oils. The ingredients used in children’s shampoo, are very mild. Additives to the shampoo are also from vegetable products like coconut oil and fruit sugar that are also used to make products for skin care.

There is a great debate going on whether the sulfate free shampoo is as harmless as it is claimed to be. The argument is that all that has been done is to replace the sulfate with other equally harmful chemicals. No conclusive debate, as things stand now, the onus has shifted to you to find for yourself from the labels whether there are any harmful chemicals or substances included in the sulfate free shampoo. However, sulfate free shampoo popular because it is green, even though more expensive.