What is Sun Cream

Sun cream is a product that protects skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It can be applied on any area that is exposed to sunlight to protect it from any damage from UV rays. This product comes in gel, lotion, cream forms and some forms are called suntan lotion or sunblock. This is an essential product to be used on skin surface while on beaches. It has been a widely popular product since mid 1900s and commonly used to protect skin from any harmful effects of sun radiation. In 1930s Franz greither developed the first sun cream lotion and it has been used as a polpular skin care product since then. Greither was also responsible for the notion of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and how it affects the skin unless protected.

The sun cream factor will depend on your skin type. If you have fair skin you will need a higher sun protection factor (SPF) of sun cream, such as 30+SPF.Sun creams factors are also depends on altitude. That mean if you go higher the more sun protection factor you will need for example mountain skiing or snowboarding where the sun will be reflected off the snow.

Sun cream factors are also determined by altitude. The higher you go, the higher the sun cream factor you will need, especially if you are in the mountains skiiing or snowboarding where the sun will also be reflected off the snow. Some normal sun creams needed to be applied twice or thrice depending on SPF factor and altitude. SPF determined the fact that how much cream is needed and what is the protection level it can provide.

Sun creams should be applied 20-30 minutes before going into the sun for complete protection from the harmful rays. If you sweat a lot keep on applying regularly and don’t forget in on while swimming as water can burn skin too. As UV rays can’t be seen with naked eyes and can gets through the clouds so it’s suggested to apply it eve on cloudy days. Don’t get trapped if its cold weather is not necessarily indicative of how much burn you may get.

Sun tan creams recently became so popular among the people having obsession for skin tanning. Sun creams gives coverage to body from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer too. It’s considered an essential product across the United States. Sun cream has been confirmed to unite organic compounds that absorb UV rays above the skin; reflect and scatter UV light on the surface. Some of the sun creams are developed to protect skin from the sun and also using rays of the sun to enhance tan. Therefore, all tanning lotions provide no protection from the sun and should not be confused with sun creams.

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