What Is Sundowners Syndrome

As the name suggests, ‘Sundowners’ Syndrome’ represents a form of illness where the person suffering from this ailment starts behaving in a very weird manner once the sun goes down. This ailment affects the behavior of the person greatly and the person who shows symptoms of Sundowner’s Syndrome loses his patience all of a sudden. The exact reason for this sudden transition from serene nature to an irritated behavior has not been explained till date and continues to be a mystery. There are various interpretations given to the weird behavior of the person after sunset. 

Some experts are of the opinion that sundowner’s syndrome is caused due to the sleeping disorder that is seen in the person which leads to unjustified anger and irritation as the day ends. Many studies have proved that Sundowner’s Syndrome too needs to be classified as a disorder with the mental behavior of the person and there might be a variety of reasons as to why people suffer from such diseases. Older people are the ones who are more at risk from Sundowner’s Syndrome and special care should be given to them to ensure that they do not damage themselves in the spit of rage.

 The interruption that is caused to the biological clock within the person is said to be one of the explanations for the sudden outburst of irritation. In people who have been dependent on drugs and other intoxicating substances, the chances of such mood disorders being seen are very high. One explanation that is based on the occurrence of Sundowner’s Syndrome in adults, goes on to show that the mental state of the elders becomes unstable as the evening sets in. Medication can reduce the stress levels in these patients, but cases where permanent relief and cure from the ailment of Sundowners Syndrome has been reported are very less.

 In case a person who exhibits initial signs of Sundowner’s Syndrome is not attended to in the right manner before the disease attains more serious forms, it can lead to disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, before the disease leads to other coexisting disorders, it is a must that the family of the person who suffers from Sundowner’s Syndrome tales stern steps towards ensuring that the disease is gotten rid of at the earliest. The professional caregivers and nurses, who specialize in taking care of patients showing symptoms of Sundowner’s Syndrome, can cater to the needs of these people and provide them with the required care.