What is Tea Time

Tea is the second most favorite drink of the world. In the list of most favorite drinks, the name of the coffee comes at the top and after that comes the tea. People from different parts of the world drink tea regularly. There would be hardly any country, where people don’t drink tea.

Like coffee, the tea also has caffeine as one of its ingredients. In fact caffeine is the main ingredients of the tea and this is the reason, why people prefer to drink tea. Caffeine behaves as refreshment to the human body. It is responsible for increasing the blood pressure. For this reason, when a person drinks any drink that has caffeine as one of the ingredients, that person feels fresh. People also drink tea to get fresher.

There are some points of time in a day, when a person requires tea badly. For example, in the morning after waking up, almost each and every person requires tea as the first thing. This is called as the bed tea. Similarly, in the evening most of the people prefer to have a cup of tea. These times, when a person needs tea badly, is called as tea times.

There is no definite point of time in a day, which is called as the tea time. It depends upon a person and varies person to person. If you require tea after having dinner in the night, then this is tea time for you. Similarly, if any person requires tea after having breakfast in the morning, then that is the tea time for him or her. The concept of tea time differs from person to person. However, if you consider it generally, then both the dawn and the dusk are called as tea times.

Have you ever played or watched test cricket? In test cricket, the match is generally of 5 days and there are three sessions in a single day. The first session is called as the morning session and that is of two hours of time. Normally after 2 hours, the match stops for generally 40 minutes and the players and the other match officials goes for having the lunch. The second session is called as post launch session and spans over two hours of time. After the second session, generally there is a break. That break is called as tea break. The break is of 15 minutes in length. That time is called as tea time. This break generally comes in the afternoon. After this break, the play resumes once again and the last session of play is called as post tea session.

From the above example, you can easily conclude that, there is no definite tea time. When a person loves to drink tea, that time is tea time for him. 

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