What Is Team Leadership

The capability to take a role as leader in managing group of people by increasing the motivation of team members to achieve desired business goals is “TEAM LEADERSHIP”. We can see a great demand for team leaders in most of the customer service industries such as BPOs, Restaurants, Call centres and many other service industries.

A team leader should possess the following key positive indicators:

  • Rallies and motivates team members.
  • Consistently trains team members for further roles.
  • Can identify the best or “star performer” and the lame or “worse performer”.
  • Generates positive vibes and creates a culture of sovereignty, responsibility and accountability.
  • Express entire trust and belief towards team members.
  • Empowers and delegates tasks with authority.
  • Establishes powerful personal examples.
  • Will stay issue-focussed and not people focussed.
  • Will share all information and data.
  • Capable of resolving and performance linked issues.

 How to enhance team leadership in any organization:

Organizations should practice regular team meetings to share information and ideas. Meetings should include everyone who will be making decisions which will enhance internal communication. Answer and listen to all doubts and questions of team members. Positively reinforce members of the team who probe for details and ask more information. People will feel more valued as team members and will be more likely to collaborate as a team. Observe team doing tasks and give guidance and assistance to support their performance. Celebrate team accomplishments; this will definitely boost energy of team members.

Always keep accessible list of skills in your team with notes about the level of ability and readiness to take on new tasks. Delegate tasks that explicit link to an individual’s development plan and skills of the person. Practice giving feedback. Role plays giving positive and developmental feedback with a colleague who has good training skills or with a member of management whose opinion you respect.

How can one build leadership skills?

Building leadership skills is not any big deal as long as you focus yourself as a respectable leader. In other words be true to yourself with some ethics doing justice performing what is right and not what you need. Each and every individual is born with differences. An ideal leader is one who accepts these differences and owns mistakes and at times may even apologise in front of their juniors. Always judge situations stepping into the shoes of the other person. Such a leader can set example to his subordinates. This reminds me of an awful quote by Mr. Henry Ford: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”