What is Teasing

Teasing or backcombing is a process in hair styles to combing them in backwards motions (from ends towards scalp) making them to get volume on the crown or top of hair. Backcombing can be done combing hair in opposite directions; can be harmful to the length of hair as hair fall and hair damage may occur only after one temporary styling. To tease person’s hair, hair is typically separated in small portions and each portion is teased and hair fixed with a hair spray or any other hair fixing agent. This process of teasing is used in making big hairstyles like beehives and dreadlocks. Backcombing can cause serious and progressive damage to the hair’s reliability. After some time it leads to weakening and breakage. Frequent  backcombing is not suggested for people who want to maintain long hair.

It was quite a popular tradition during 1950s in United States and many other countries to create beehives and bouffant among young women. In today’s date, these old hairstyles areconsidered quite obsolete and lost their wide popularity. Nevertheless, these old trend hairstyles are desirable on some big occasions and still desirable in some regions. In modern times, some women like to get little teasing to make their otherwise thin hair get little volume on crown. In short in modern times, people still create big hairstyles and create beehives to get the classy look of old decades. But as they do lot of damage to hair as they knot up hair and tangles them thatare really difficult to detangle after it. So, these kinds of hair styles are recommended only on straight smooth hair, if they not natural in case then hair straightening is recommended before doing nay teasing on hair. Frequent use of shampoos is recommended to get rid of any damage caused by teasing often.

Usually these hairstyles are better achieved with the help of someone. Hair should be straightened first before teasing to make it easier and lessen hair damage .After that a person’shair is simply separated into small sections. The sections of the hair are pulled upward and the using a teasing comb start combing them in backward motion from the tip of the hair towards scalp. Teasing each section of the hair one by one and fixing them with hairspray each section that has been done. If the desired volume is not achieved after doing once, do it  another time to get the desired volume.

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