What is Technology

Technology is a process through which a human being modifies the nature so as to meet their different requirements. A technology can be easily defined in simple words as the practical applications of knowledge in a particular field such as the engineering. It can be also refers to the method a living thing or species interacts and controls the various things that are present in its environment by making use of the knowledge of techniques and tools. Most of the people in this world however thinking of technology in terms of its work of art such as in the aircraft, water treatment plants, pesticides,  computers and software, and microwave ovens, etc. But technology is quite more different than these corporeal products. Technology can be suitably defined as any application of science to perform a task.

The Technology usually comprises of entire infrastructure essential for design, production, process, and revamp of the technological art of work, from commercial head office and engineering schools in industrialized plants and continuance facilities. The processes and the knowledge that is used to generate and to work technological product engineering processes know how a process works, the manufacturing proficiency, and the diverse technical expertise are uniformly important as a part of the technology.

Technology is one of the results of science and engineering and also the study of the innate world. There are two parts in Science and are an organization of knowledge which has been built up over the period of time and a course of action of scientific inquiry which produces acquaintance about the natural world. Engineering also consists of an organization of knowledge and in this case knowledge about the design and establishment of human prepared products and a course for unraveling the problems. The technology and Science aim to be aware of how and why of nature and the engineering search to figure out the innate world to meet up the various needs and wants of human.

Time consuming is the most important fact in the routine life, all the machines, and devices are made to reduce the time, which save our energy, for this we just need to give a command and instructions in the form of program. The instrument will do our without straining much and for all this we are in need of the technology. Technology has exaggerated the social order and its environs in a number of ways. In various societies, technology has helped to develop the more advanced economies and has permitted the go up of a luxury class. Most of the technological processes create unnecessary by products which are known as pollution, and eat up natural resources, to the detriment of the Earth and its environment. Assorted implementations of technology manipulate the values of humanity and novel technology frequently raises new moral questions.