What is Teeth Bleach

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching are a widely sought procedure in general and cosmetic dentistry. In today’s world dental problems are arising are stains due to coffee, bacterial pigments, foodstuffs and tobacco. Many antibiotic medications can cause teeth stains and Brilliance of the tooth enamel is reduced. Many methods are used to whiten teeth like bleaching gel, bleaching strips, bleaching pen, laser bleaching and natural bleaching. The method that is used at home is the bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth using thin guard trays or by applying bleaching strips directly over the front teeth.

The main agent for lightening teeth is hydrogen peroxide orcarbamide peroxide that is an oxidizing agent. Power bleaching technique is the use of light energy to speed up the process of bleaching in a dental surgery. The effects of bleaching can last depending on the lifestyle of the patient. Smoking and the ingestion of dark colored liquids like coffee, tea and red wine can cause decrease in the whitening.

Internal staining of dentine can discolor the teeth from inside out. Internal bleaching can remedy this. If heavy staining or tetracycline damage is present on a patient’s teeth, and whitening is ineffective, there are other methods of whitening teeth.

Teeth whitening are very much popular among young people in the last few decades. Over the period of time many factors like environmental and dietary can change the coloring of one’s teeth enamel. The most common staining ingredients are tobacco and coffee. Dentists and dental supplies have developed various teeth whitening systems to fight this problem. Tooth bleach is one of them.

Teeth bleach usually is a cosmetic procedure as well as dental procedure. There are various procedures are used. It can be done at-home. This bleaching method require a fitted mouth tray to cover the teeth with bleaching gel against the tooth either overnight or just for some hours depending on the stains and enamel. In modern times these trays are accessible via internet and no need to consult a dentist for them. You can soften the thermoform trays in boiling water then these trays can be molded against the teeth. Visiting your dentist is necessary to check any limitations like cavities that can effect your tooth whitening results.

Some other options available for tooth whitening like Crest Tooth Whitening Strips, Britesmile whitening pen, Colgate Simply White etc. Who don’t want to wear tray crest whitening strips are the best possible option. Whitening Of the teeth depends largely upon the source of discoloration and how white they were to in the start. Brown or yellow teeth are result of staining on surface level, gets better results than that of gray teeth caused by pigment inside the tooth. In few cases gray teeth never change color. Mouthwash is another way for teeth whitening as many mouth wash contains teeth bleach and that helps in removal of stains if used regularly.

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