What is Telecommunications

Telecommunication basically refers to the primary human to human communication made possible by the global telephone system. Telecommunication is progressively more depending on digital computer technology. Data communication and telecommunication both go hand in hand. The Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone (CCITT) is a standard organization dedicated to data and telecommunication. CCITT has interpretations from governments, major vendors and telecommunication carriers. CCITT standards are extremely significant in the telecommunications field and are adhered by the majority vendors and careers.

The global telephone network is the heart of telecommunication field. Advanced telecommunication networks are designed to transmit information in range of forms such as voice, video, fax and many more. Private telephone networks harmonize with public telephone network to address the specific telecommunication needs of individual organizations.  And current inclination in telecommunication is in the direction of integrating voice and data services.

Coming back to the current telecommunication scenario, wireless telecommunication emerged in first decade of 20th century with revolutionary growth in wireless radio communications. The three basic elements involved in telecommunication system are:

1. Transmitter: Takes data or information and converts it to a signal.

2. Medium for transmission: It carries signal.

3. Receiver: Accepts signal from the transmission media and converts back to usable form.

Telecommunication networks basically comprise set of terminals, links and nodes which hooked up to facilitate telecommunications among users of the terminals. And these communication networks can use circuit switching or message switching. Such network terminals will possess unique address and this will help in routing messages to accurate recipients. Some of the telecommunication networks are computer networks, internet, telephone network, global Telex network and the aeronautical ACARS network. People have fallen in love with telecommunication systems. Technical people in telecommunication field think out of the box in throwing tech savvy life waves.

How are businesses using telecommunication?

Beauty lies in applying what we theoretically know. Communication is now ruling the world and it is a vague asset of any organization. Using cost effective methods in promoting business is realistic fact to win any business deal. Telecommunications have led to economical and successful means of advertisement. Immense social media marketing spreads worldwide about your products and services.  House wives utilize remote communication tools and provide their required professional support to any corner of the world. Data analysis agents have drawn specialized telecommunication technology which involves both phone and internet. In this cutting edge of competition, businesses use telecommunication technologies in serving their customers more diligently.

To conclude, world without telecommunication is bare and stagnant without evolutions, no satellites in space to communicate and noisy world wasting time in meeting and chatting.