What is Telemarketing

Tele means phone and marketing means examining requirements of clients, in simple words telemarketing is marketing over phone. Small businesses and lead generation companies prefer telemarketing as they will not be investing much of money. All they need is one person with good communication skills and this is what their die hard investment is. These telemarketers will not promote business in all cases; they will articulate as introducers of the company and will have a soft talk with the decision makers of the company. And with consistent follow up calls, there will be few cases of success after creating a chain of 60 to 70 such calls. Call centers are hubs for telemarketing.

Ancient methodology of telemarketing unintentionally has created fear as they commonly made use of recorded software that would dial numbers to verify answering machines to leave this recorded sales pitch. But then when a human voice is heard, it used to sing off. This resulted in fear in the minds of people; however use of automated sales pitch is proved illegal.

The two most important types of telemarketing are Business-To-Business (B2B) and Business-To-Consumer (B2C).  Lead Generation companies are using sales on telephone to the core. Telemarketing has its increased its fame as this can be performed from any remote place.  Telemarketing plays a vital role for people performing life style surveys in the market. They build up a lot of valid data from this that can be utilized in further process of telemarketing and promote sales and services. Popularity has created and adverse effect on the people that few have registered to “Do not call register”. A need of analyze your data before calling helps you in attacking right set of people or business prospects. Script of Telecalling is the major segment in the process of telemarketing. The very first sentence in the script should be impressive. Ensure you design a proper script that starts from your name, introduce your product or services, purpose of call, identify need and close call with a thank you note. From then arrive at an action plan and give number of follow up calls to close deal. Rejections over phone need to be handled professionally. There are people who bang phone saying we are not interested. Sweet voices of telemarketers have generated sales by converting such hard core customers as well.

Sales skills are essentially important for telemarketing professionals. Customers should feel they are hearing about a complete package. Give them this feel by explaining all features of product or service in a precise manner. Telemarketers should possess good communication skills, best attitude, listening skills and able team worker.

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