What is Tempered Glass

What kind of glass are we supposed to ask the shopkeeper while planning to make a new piece of glass furniture or any household equipment made of glass? Many of you must have got confused by the term “Tempered glass” used by the vendor or any label in the fridge mentioning about “Tempered glass”. So what does it mean exactly?

 Tempered glass is a specially formed glass which is designed to be the safest of all the glasses. They are also referred to as toughened glass or safety glass since they are treated many times (4-5 times) stronger than a normal standard glass. The glass once treated becomes very strong and gains immense resistance to breakages. Hence, tempered glass is first cut into required shape and then treated because once the glass undergoes the complete treating process it is difficult to cut it anymore. And beyond this when the glass breaks, it shatters into very fine pieces thereby causing no harm or injury to anybody around. This feature of tempered glass makes it very popular and preferred glass amongst all the glass types, especially for home level utility.

What makes tempered glass so special?

Now let’s see what the process is, that makes these glasses so strong and safe compared to the standard glasses. Actually the glass after being cut into desired shape is taken through a thermal process wherein, firstly the edges are polished to remove the sharp bits. Then the leftover debris is washed off from the surface. Lastly, the glass gets heated to a very high temperature, may be up to 1200 degrees F and cooled off immediately. Thus the glass becomes a tempered glass.

However there are also times when tempered glass experience damages and eventually break off. This might be due to damage of the edges or when installation is not done properly or even when impurities have accumulated inside the glass. But even such breakages will not lead to any injury for its unique feature of breaking into tiny fragments.

Uses of tempered glass

Could you imagine where all is this tempered glass is been used? Yes, it is very much used inside your house in windows, doors, glass top tables and even for your shower enclosures. It’s not over with this; even the oven windows, computer screens, the carafes fitted in an automatic coffee machine are all made of tempered glass. Automobiles use tempered glass for some parts of the window fittings.

 Now having understood the significance of tempered glass, one must take efforts in choosing between safety and hazard by opting tempered glass over the normal ones.


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