What is Tendonitis

Before understanding the meaning of tendonitis we first need to understand the meaning of tendons. Tendons are the connecting tissues that connect the bone to the muscles. This tissue is present in every joint of the human body. They are responsible for the movement of the human body. They are tough yet very flexible. It is the structure that forces the bone to move when the force is applied on the muscle. That is how the human body is able to move.

Now let us discuss the meaning of tendonitis. Tendonitis is a condition when the tendons are inflamed. This can happen due to various causes. It causes the areas near the tendons to swell and causes acute pain to move the muscle. The ability of the tendon to move smoothly is despaired and the whole activity causes irritation in the muscles.

This situation can arise due to misuse or overuse of the muscle of a particular area. There can be an injury in the tendons that can cause tendonitis to occur. This can also happen due to lack of blood supply in the tendon area. When the necessary nutrients do not reach the tendons the pain can occur.

Tendonitis is a common problem in the age between 40 and 60. In the younger people the tendons are more flexible and hence the problem does no occur so often. There can be a time when the tendon does not get enough space t move or glide around smoothly. In such a case also the chances of getting tendonitis is high.

The most common symptoms of tendonitis is pain and stiffness in the tendon area. This can often be accompanied by a burning sensation. The pain increases when the movement or the activity involves too much movement of the tendon. During the course of the day the stiffness can increase.

Tendonitis can easily be determined by physical examination. It generally occurs in joint areas such as elbow, knee, wrist or hip. An x-ray or MRI is not required to find out if tendonitis exists. Yet it is advisable to get an x-ray done to ensure that no other problem has occurred. Once the problem is detected then the person can go ahead with the treatment of tendonitis. The treatment will be done after clearly knowing what kind of tendonitis the patient suffers from. Depending on the place where tendonitis has infected the treatment will be decided.

Tendonitis is a situation where the tendons of the body are inflamed and cause pain in the movement of the joints. It causes the tendons to stiffen due to various reasons.