What Is Tethering

The basic definition of tethering is that, it is the process to access the service of internet by using your cell phones. When anyone configures hi cell phone to his computer or laptop to share the internet, then that process is known as tethering.

Tethering can be done by connecting your mobile phone to the computer either physically by the use of USB cables or serial connection, or by the use of wireless technology such as, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. In the process of tethering, your mobile is used a modem for the computer to gain access to the computer.

The tethering process when used in the wireless LAN connection, this can be named as mobile hotspot. In the tethering process, the mobile phone connected to the computer to access the internet, acts as a router, when it provide tethering services to others.

There are various advantages because of which the tethering process is growing very rapidly in the field of internet connection. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • The use of internet enabled mobile to access the internet is more secure because, the information or data is sent through your mobile phone which is serving as a modem despite of sending the information through the LAN connection or any public server.
  • One can gain access to the internet in necessary situation through the tethering process, when there is no availability of wireless LAN or any other internet services such cyber cafes or any computer centre.
  • You can use the internet in the rural areas, for any emergency work, and while travelling. For example, you are travelling and there occurs a need of internet as you have got the information about any profitable official work. And there is no Wi-Fi network in your surroundings, then the best way to use the internet is via tethering process.
  •  You can also save the battery power of your laptop by using the internet via tethering process, as the power is consumed more while using the Wi-Fi connections.

Tethering process of using internet in any condition has grown in a very large scale, as it is more profitable and convenient. It has a large amount of merits for the people to entertain this process, but have some disadvantages too. Some of the demerits are mentioned below:

  • By using your cell phone for the internet connection, the battery of the cell phone will be consumed quickly when the connection is made through Bluetooth.
  • You cannot expect great speed through this process, as you achieve in your cell phone itself, because there is an increment in the steps of connecting to the internet.