What is Text Messaging

Text messaging is the exchange of brief written messages between mobile phones over a network.  As the name suggests, SMS (Short Message Services) text messaging includes a short message of up to 160 characters. It is usually billed as an extra service offered by the cell phone providers. SMS is the most widely used format for text messaging and is utilized by 74 percent of all mobile phone subscribers. Text messaging is not only limited to one to one communication only but can also be used for a group communication. Sending one particular SMS to many people at the same time has become the craze in the recent times and attracts a number of users to subscribe for special tariffs which are made available by the service providers. It offers the least amount of benefits.

Text messaging came in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Since this was the origin of text messaging, the rates offered by the service providers were also high. In 1991, the first commercial text messaging took place, which was sent from the computer to a handset. Till the mid 1990’s it was not that much popular but by the time, this service became popular throughout the Europe. Organizers and protesters used this communication mode to stay connected during actions and is being used now-a- days also. Businesses use this mode for marketing their products and services to their targeted audiences. Text messaging is mostly used by the young generation to keep in touch with their friends. However, nowadays text messaging is also used for transportation business purposes.

Multimedia messaging service (MMS) was an extension of an SMS text and offered the core short code message in a longer format. This service was also able to include multimedia elements such as pictures, videos, audio files and text pages sent from a mobile device.

Text messaging is also used to contact the emergency services in some countries. In some countries, the user just needs to register with the emergency SMS service to call the emergency services anytime when needed. Disable people, or the ones who are unable to make a voice call can use this service or it can also be accessed from the areas where the voice call is not possible due to some reasons.

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