What is the Best Way to Cash in Coins

The day we moved into our new apartment, emptying the old one was the biggest task, stacking up all the stuff separately was not a big task until we realised that we had change (coins) stuck in every hook and corner of the home and to my surprise after a great hard work we collected around Rs500 in a big jar, now what was supposed to be done with this? Yes I wanted to cash in these coins, so I asked myself that, what the best way to cash in the coins was? Should I go to the local coin sorting machine stand there for hours putting in the coins and hoping that I won’t send half my coins in the reject bin or should I go to a money exchanger by the next street, but was I really ready to pay a commission of 10% for the same? No. So I thought of going to the bank. But banks won’t entertain you if u enter with a stash of coins on the managers table and tell him to cash them in. You need to take prior timing from them and then segregate the coins according to their nomination in different plastic bags so that it’s convenient for the bank to verify the counterfeit and the foreign currency coins if any, by simply weighing the bags.

You can always get these coin bags from a post office clerk by a few sweet talks, these bags have pre posted nominations on them making it easy for stashing large number of bags together. After you are done with the segregation of the coins then you can take them all to the bank and cash them in. But every bank is not so kind and may have certain not so favourable terms and conditions like you need to be an account holder of the bank or they might cash only up to a limit and charge certain fee above that, so the other option available is the coin sorting machine at the nearby shopping centre where you can get notes in exchange for the total number of coins that you put in. So if you are planning to shift or just cleaning out your home, you are in for a nice dinner that too financed by the coins lying around in your home, I bet that dinner would taste the best!! this is the best way to cash in coins.

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