What is the Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

Hard wood flooring has lately been the most used material for better interiors. Hardwood flooring is a type of flooring, which gives a great feel and a cozy look to your house. Hence, normally this kind of flooring is used in the drawing rooms as well as the bedrooms. Now that you have had the hardwood flooring, the next important task is its maintenance. It should be ensured that the hard wood flooring is maintained with care to maintain its feel and look. This article speaks about the methodology that should be employed to clean the hardwood floors to maintain it at its best.

Firstly to maintain your hard wood flooring, you should be aware of the type of hard wood flooring you have. The types of hard wood flooring are determined by the surface finishes. Some of the surface finishes are polyurethane, pre finished flooring, catalyzed as well as the water based polyurethane.  It is strongly to be noted that the use of ammonia on any of these finishes is very harmful for the hard wood flooring. This is because; ammonia has the property to weaken the toughness of wood and also spoils the finishing of the wooden flooring.

Mentioned below are the best ways to clean your hard wood flooring.

  • Cleaning the wooden flooring with water is the best as there is no chemical exposure to the wooden flooring. It should be noted that the water should not lie on the wooden flooring for a long time. Hence, for the best results the water should be swept immediately.
  • For better results than cleaning the hard wood flooring with water would be by using the hardwood floor cleaners. Cleaning of the hardwood flooring with the floor cleaners would keep the wood material safe. It is also made to offer a good shine, once the floor is cleaned.
  • While cleaning the hard wood flooring, removal of dust particles and other waste is a big problem. To avoid this, once can have a floor mat right at the entrance. The floor mat takes in the dust from footwear. This reduces the work of cleaning the dust to a great extent. If the dust particles on the hardwood flooring are swept on a regular basis, then the cleaning of the hard wood flooring would become very easy.
  • To avoid scratches on the wooden flooring, the furniture pads can be used while moving the furniture.

These are methods that need to be employed for the best maintenance of the hard wood flooring, by looks and also by the quality.