What is the Best Way to Hang Christmas Lights on my House

In most part of the world, the month of December is full of fun, preparations, and decorations and of course celebrations and what else could be better reasons for all this than the arrival of Christmas and New Year. Christmas is a widely celebrated festival in most of the countries, even amongst the non- Christian population. The preparations and excitement starts much before the D-day, in the form of sending Christmas greetings, buying gifts, shopping, Christmas carols, tracking the Santa and yes, decorating the house with Christmas lights.

Not many, would prefer to hire professionals or creative artists for decorating their houses with lights during Christmas, for reasons being either that they derive satisfaction and happiness by doing on their own or that they don’t want to spend money on such unnecessary things. So how do you go about hanging these lights on your own and yet make them look great and neat?

Before you start the light installations, it is always better to draw out a plan and make some rough drawing about the patterns. Secondly don’t forget to check the lights once before installing them, for it is terrible to remove the complete setting if the lights aren’t working. Also decide the place of hanging the lights. While many love to decorate the Xmas trees, there are also people who would prefer to decorate their house exteriors along with it.

When you start with installations on the roofline, there are different options of lights available namely C6, C7 or C9 bulbs which can be purchased according to your own measurement of the roofline. Each bulb can be separately clipped and made to stand tight along with the roof  and thereby they stand out giving a better appearance.

When you are looking to decorate your Christmas tree or shrubs in your garden, try and go with the best and widely used M5 lights and the G12 Christmas lights. Deciding on the pattern of lights, accumulate all the needful tools like hooks, nails and a hammer and start from the bottom of the tree. You can start wrapping the trunk beginning from the center in the bottom and take it towards the top using a ladder and don’t forget to leave a space of 3-4 inches to make it look neat. Place hooks wherever required to keep the bulbs raised and avoid from sagging. You can also try making loops covering horizontally the entire tree. This might require extra time and effort and also preferably assistance from another person.

For any installation check for the power socket and wherever required use extension cables which again needs to be fixed tight to the ground or wall avoiding anybody to slip over it. Go for lights that can specifically be used externally so that they become rain proof or snow proof.

Finally don’t forget to check the latest style of the LED lights which looks like the typical small and bright Christmas lights. They are comparatively strong and resistant to breaks and highly energy efficient. These lights can be brought in required length and could just be wrapped around trees, bushes, pillars or spread neatly on the entry ways or rooflines. So try and go green by using these LED lights which are less energy consuming and have a bright and a beautiful Christmas celebration.

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