What is the Big Bang Theory

What is the Big Bang Theory?


A scientific theory about the formation of the universe, which is widely accepted throughout the globe, is the Big bang theory. This theory answers many questions of mankind regarding the formation of the universe, and the working of various celestial bodies. The big bang theory was first proposed by Edwin Hubble.

According to the Big bang theory, the universe is a finite phenomenon rather than being infinite. After many years of research, scientists could find that the universe had a beginning and would also have an end and hence, the universe is a finite phenomenon. In big bang theory, it is told that the universe took its form after a tremendous explosion that took place around 15 Billion years ago. The Big bang that occurred many thousands of years ago was an explosion that threw the particles across to form the universe. This can be considered the foundation for the formation of universe.

Edwin Hubble with his continuous research about the universe did many findings. The observations were as mentioned below: –

  • The galaxies are continuously moving away from each other.
  • The distance between the galaxies is directly proportional to its speed. These observations in other words mean that every galaxy consumed the same amount of time to reach its current position from the start.

The movement of the cluster of galaxies exists right from the big bang theory. Red shift is the name given to the phenomenon of movement of galaxies. The wavelengths between the galaxies increase, as the light coming from other galaxies reach the earth on a continuous basis. Many other scientists made observations regarding the big bang theory. In 1964, an incident that occurred to 2 astronomers added more credibility to the big bang theory.  The experiment that was conducted was to identify the microwaves that are radiated from outer space. Instead of hearing the microwaves, an extra terrestrial sound was heard. This sound was heard from all directions which later were recognized as the sounds from the big bang that occurred 15 billion years ago.

Though the Big bang theory proposed by Edwin Hubble has answered many of the questions about the universe, there are many more questions which are still a mystery. For example, questions like what was there before the big bang theory has just remained a speculation form various scientists. Lately, with the technological advancements in space technology, many new observations are made about the universe.

A big bang theory right from its inception has faced many varied school of thoughts about the universe. However, big bang theory is still the most widely accepted school of thought about the universe.