What is the Big Blind

Big blind is a term associated with the game of Poker which belongs to the family of card games. Poker game is mainly characterized by the betting and bluffing procedures it involves. The winner of the game is ascertained by the combination of cards and also by the ranks of the players. Texas Holdem is the most popular and modern form of Poker. Now getting back to the term “big blind”, there are generally two blinds in the game of Poker namely a big blind and a small blind and these are commonly the forced bets which help in creating the initial cost and also the initial stake of the players. Third player from the left of the dealer button will be placing the big blind and the player immediately next on the left of the dealer places the small blind. Such forced bets are placed into the pot before the deal starts off, by one or more than one player.

The big blind is normally the minimum bet and small blind will be half of the big blind. Thus with A, B, C and D players assuming A to be the dealer, B will become small blind and C will be the big blind. Thus in s a $4 game the big blind will be $4 and small blind is $2. Once the cards are dealt, the player to the left of the big blind starts to act first during the first betting round. All the players can either fold or raise the bet or also given the opportunity to check the bet originally made.

The blinds in the game restricts on the betting thereby safeguarding the players no to overplay. In a tournament play of poker, blind is used to control the duration of the tournament. The blind structure here is decided by the organizer of the tournament. The main purpose of such blind structure is that, it ensures that by the end of the tournament duration, the players with small stakes will start getting pressurized to play the cards quickly by increasing their individual chip counts or lose everything. It also guarantees that none of the players have a larger stack than the blind level.

Blinds are common only in the modern poker game like flop-styles games and Texas Hold’em is one of them. These games are usually played without antes, thereby allowing folding hands without placing any bet.  Ante is another form of forced bet wherein all the players contribute equal amount of chips or money into the pot, before the deal begins. Thus blind comes to induce the players to enter pots who would think to compensate that expense. Poker game is also played without antes and blinds at all. This is proved technically possible.