What Is the Connection Between Calories and Weight Loss

Many people talk about calories when they have to lose weight. However, we should understand the connection, which lies between them. When you will look into it, there are many things, which will come into your knowledge. Firstly, we should know that there is a direct connection between the two. When the calories increase, the weight of the person increases. When the calorie intake is less, the weight of the person also decreases. Keeping this in mind, one can plan their calorie intake to reduce weight.

For example, to reduce one pound a day, you need to burn 3500 calories. Now you can split these 3500 calories into 500 calories per day..That means ,If you burn 500 calories a day and you do this for a week continuosly, you will lose one and a half pound in a week.

Before planning on the low calorie diet, you should understand the needs of the body too. There is no point in losing weight on the cost of health problems. There are certain specifications like number of calories that the body will need per day. You should conform to this while following the low calorie intake. When you intake lesser calories than the required level, the body will use up the calories accumulated in the body. This will reduce the level of fat in the body, thereby helping you to reduce weight.

The logic here is simple. When you have less calorie consumption, the body does not get the necessary energy from the food that you intake. Thus, it will use up the fat tissues in the body and convert it into the energy that it requires. There are foods, which provide high levels of calories to the body. These are the fried foods and certain fatty foods like red meat and cheese. These foods have the highest contents of calories even in small quantities and thus, should be removed from the diet when you are trying to lose weight.

On the other hand, there are people who are trying to gain weight. For this purpose, the dieter will consume as many calories as he can. This is necessary, as there is no fat content in the body. When he is trying to gain weight, he can consume more calories and thus, accumulate them in the body in the form of fat.

Just consuming low levels of calories will not help. You need to burn the accumulated calories with the help of exercise. There should be some level of exercise, which he has to undertake to get ride of the accumulated calories. When the dieter exercises, the extra calories in the form of fat will be melted as there is no energy in his body in the form of food. This will be helpful and thus, help the person to lose weight and look slim. This diet cannot be stopped as it might result in weight gain.