What Is the Connection Between Diet and Dry Skin

A very common ailment and problem which tarts to impregnate the skin of people in the modern times is acne and pimples. Most people think that it is the external dirt and grit which is the cause of acne on skin but there is a hidden reason behind it as well, which has been presented forward today by the host of medical research studies in the modern times. The diet which we take in as a part of our daily routine is an important determinant of the moisture levels of our skin and this is the reason why a lot of people are putting a great stress on improving the diet which they take.

If you are troubled by a dry skin, then the major cause of such a condition of the skin is the deficiency of minerals and vitamins in your diet and hence your body. Owing to such a deficiency, the skin can often become patchy or flaky. In such cases, there can also be red blotches, which appear on the skin and this can even aggravate to bacterial infections on your skin. Dry skin is not prone to acne but the wrinkles are visible at a very young age.

As far a solid food is concerned, no specific food item has been linked to be the cause of dry or patchy skin. Thus, the actual cause of dry and patchy skin is the deficiency of specific ingredients in the diet which we take. Most people are of the nature that eating fatty foods is not at all good for the skin or body and this is why they end up taking no such fatty items at all. In fact, eating lesser amount of fat can remove the required levels of moisture from the kin and can result in to dry skin in the longer run.

There are some important variants and nutrients in fats, which are required for the body and are good for the skin. Omega-6 and Omega-3 are two of the most important ones and these are also important in restoring the moisture in your skin. You should thus take food items such as fish which are rich in such nutrient and this shall keep your skin glowing and healthy with the optimum amount of moisture in it. Do you know that 3/4 part of your body consist of water. Therefore, to keep your skin hydrated, intake atleast 9-10 glasses of water.

A few of the beverages, which are commonly consumed by us which are linked to and proven to cause a depletion fo moisture from the skin, hence resulting in dry skin. Alcohol and all alcohol containing beverages are a common example.