What Is the Connection Between Garlic and Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the root cause for heart problems in many people. What is cholesterol then? Well, this is an element which gets accumulated in the arteries and blocks the pumping of blood. When the blood pumping function of the heart is hindered by the presence of the waxy substance (produced in the lever or intestines) the heart tries to function more excessively by exerting pressure on itself in order to pump blood. In this process there are many cardiovascular system failures might happen resulting in the death of a person. One solution and a permanent one for the cholesterol problem is the consumption of garlic.

Many of us do not know the health benefits of garlic. This food contains chemical allicin, which helps in digestive procedures. This is an herbal medicine which is used mostly for lowering the Cholesterol level. This is possible as garlic has the potential to reduce the clotting of blood, thereby, preventing it from affecting the body.  It should also be noted that the person should not consume excessive levels of garlic. It has been proved in a study that the more garlic the person consumes, the lesser is the Cholesterol reduction.

The apt consumption of garlic is about one to one and half grams of garlic. However, there is the debate about the form in which the garlic should be consumed. The debate also discusses about the form, which is most effective in lowering Cholesterol. Irrespective of the form, many people use the garlic tablets for this purpose. There is also powdered garlic that can be used in food items. However, it is suggested that the garlic loses its allicin content when powdered. Many people have tried eating one garlic empty stomach in the morning to reduce cholesterol.

On the other hand, garlic in any form is known to control Cholesterol levels. The use of tablets is widespread for the convenience it provides. When you are planning to take these tablets, it is recommended to know the dosage for it. Here the logic of excess of anything is bad for health. Thus, you should consult your physician before you take the tablets and confirm that your body can take the tablets. There are certain health conditions that prohibit you from taking garlic. If you already under medication for blood thinning or you need a heart surgery for Cholesterol removal, garlic consumption here is not advised. This shows that garlic is effective only in the initial stages of Cholesterol. Thus one should know all these factors to understand the connection between garlic and cholesterol.