What Is the Connection Between Itching and Skin Cancer

When you feel hot, or dry, you feel like reaching over and scratching over your back or your legs. Such a feeling is generally called as itching. Itching could also happen when your skin is moist with sweat which also carries some of the germs of your body. It could also be if you are suffering from some minor ailments like like skin rashes and boils or even pimples. But is itching related to the case of skin cancer? Well, that is a question that may worry a lot of people who have these rashes or even boils and moles on the different parts of the people’s skin. So, we will see if there is any evidence supporting such a belief. We will see if people should worry about suffering from cancer of the skin with an itching sensation. Let’s come up with some definite answers.

People often worry about unusual moles or even dark spots on their skin. This is because of the threat of a problem known as melanoma. This is the type of cancer that is caused by the malignancy in cells which produce the pigment known as melanin. One of the earliest signs of the problem of melanoma is the appearance of moles or other dark spots on the skin. These spots may be the usual birthmarks of person. There are moles which will appear right from the time of birth of the person. There are also other birthmarks which may become more distinct as a person ages. So, there are many types of moles and dark spots which may occur when the person ages or in some other occasions. So, not all dark spots are actually connected with the problem or threat of a melanoma occurring.

But the real fears begin to emanate when the person feels an itching sensation in the areas around the moles or the dark spots. Often, it has been thought that the problem of melanoma begins with a deep feeling of inflammation or itching in these areas. However, one should not start to think if he or she is really suffering from this skin cancer. There are many reasons why there would be an itching feeling around the moles and other dark spots. One could be that the skin has become dry. This is rather common and the person will feel the sensation to scratch the area around the mole or dark spot. Another reason could be that there has been a wound on the moles or the dark spots. This would also make one scratch the part a number of times.

There are also other reasons which make the individual itch at the parts around the moles and dark spots as well. This could be because the person may be using some chemical solutions and creams on the part around the moles. The chemicals may create a great feeling of itching and irritability in these areas. However, there are some real signs of a possible malignancy which is responsible for the problem of melanoma. These signs include the feeling of itching and irritability with a greater and more severe inflammation. Other noticeable symptoms are the pain, swelling or even a secretion of pus. This means that the mole has become quite sore. If such things happen people should consult doctors immediately without any delay and see if they are suffering from cancer or not.

It is not important that itching in some parts of your skin is necessarily a sign of skin cancer. Itching in parts like moles or even dark spots is quite common due to a number of reasons. They are not harmful. However, if the feeling of itching and inflammation is accompanied with severe pain, bleeding, swelling, or other serious problems, it could be a sign of possible cancer and malignancy. People should look into this problem.