What is the Difference Between 3G and 4G

The feature 3G and 4G is found various phones and both refer to reliable broad service in the phone of good internet access and wide range of services. The first however is less advanced than 4G and can include less service. 3G compared to 4G is much slower but it helps transfer both voice data and non voice data over phones. The phone feature however is able to make phones more advanced since it allows streaming and other services not found elsewhere on phones because of the feature. It also allows good web browsing and makes phones much more efficient and easy to use. The term 3G refers to various things such as simultaneous phone data and voice data transfer.

Moreover, a phone with 3G can rely on having superior features such as great internet coverage and 3 megabits per second data and speed transfer which allows easy access and good internet usage. The service is also more efficient than 2G for various reasons but it does not end at this. The phone laced with 3G has other good feature such as downloading fast and allowing good internet access over the DSL. The phone has other numerous good features such as downloading an mp3 file in one to three minutes. However the phone is not as good as one that has 4G this phone would definitely be more advanced in more ways than one.

Technology of 3G and 4G

The 4G phone is superior over the 3G phone because of various facts such as having ultra band series not found elsewhere. The phone with such features is able to work super fast and has the most up to date mobile phone internet and speedy connection and features. The wireless with 4G can achieve various facts such as good transfer data speed of 3 and up to 5 mbps. It does not mean that 3G is not speed by this form of feature surpasses the 3G in more ways than one. Devices with 4G however use concatenated codes for error correction whereas the 3G phone uses Turbo codes for error connection. In fact phones with 4G have higher frequency band than 3G because it is up to 2-8 GHz compared to the 3G which has a frequency band of only 1.8-2.5 GHZ.  The 4G phone has many advanced applications. This is why the phone with such feature is more advanced and better. The phone with 4G has better internet access and transmission than the first due to its better quality transmission and resolution capability since it is a lot faster at transferring data than a 3G phone.